Saturday, January 12, 2008

Investing in gold (follow-up)

For the record, since my last post about investing in gold (see two posts below) Kinross Gold company has appreciated 70% and Goldcorp has appreciated 40%. If any of you invested your money in these companies based on my recommendation, which no one did, you should sell now.

Unfortunately I'm still an amatuer investor and I sold my stakes in those companies after making about 20% return and thereby missed out on the other 50% and 20% respective returns. I hate myself. But I still made money and I still redeemed my predictive self somewhat, at least theoretically.

My next prediction will soon be forthcoming.

death investigation

We were called out for a death investigation this. The man was lying face down on the wood floor of his bedroom/living room, as though he had been sitting on the couch (where he also sleeps) just before he began to feel a suffocation of death, tried to get up off the couch and ended up spilling face forward away from the couch onto his stomach. He was big black man. Thirty four years old. the coroner turned him over when he got there and his arms stayed stiff the way they were splayed across the floor, frozen from the rigor mortis. a small puddle of water and mucus and blood smeared a little bit across the floor when the coroner turned him and you could see where the blood and fluids had drained a little from the corner of his mouth and nose. the man did not look particularly peacefully or in anguish. he was a big black man. he looked healthy, as opposed to sick, even if quite heavy. he might have died from a seizure. he had one once about ten years ago. this might have been the first dead person I've ever seen, at least free of funeral arrangements and coffin clothes and eulogies.

the experience hasn't caused me any significant feelings or reflections. not yet. but I wanted to tell you a story from this week and that one came to mind.