Friday, May 16, 2008

leaving south central

The gig is up.

I have three days of work left in south central los angeles. They're sending me to patrol the beaches instead.

They asked me where I wanted to go next. I told them, Watts, another division right next to Watts, or else as close to downtown L.A. as possible where there are still some really crazy gangs, like mara salvachrucha or something.

Of course they send me to Venice beach.

Those mother fuckers.

Now I'm gonna have to change the side bar to my blog. Who wants to hear from a blogger who works as a police officer on a beach? Yeah, so, today I gave another ticket to someone for drinking alcohol in a public place. It was crazy. I almost had to raise my voice at one point. Dumb. That's a dumb story. I'll probably have to start writing traffic tickets too and arresting people for marijuana.


I guess it could be worse though. I guess they could read this blog post, whoever "they" is, and decide to just fire me.

I'll make it back to south central again eventually. But I'm sad to be leaving.


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