Saturday, March 01, 2008

Investing to the Max

Maxwell Technology (MXWL) makes ultracapacitors. Those are sort of like batteries, but more complicated and more cutting edge and Maxwell is hoping that ultracapacitors will compliment hybrid car technology nicely some day soon. It looks like that day will be in 2009.

The stock was an exceptional value about two weeks ago when I first intended to write this prediction. It has climbed about 35% since then. It's still a good long term buy. When they start to break into the hybrid market it will be great. Until then, until late 2008, there's no certain promise of any riches.

It's the only stock I own right now though. So, I'm a believer. Check out one of their conference calls for a good sense of what they do and where they're headed. Or read this article(you'll have to scroll down to find the part on MXWL) for a quicker synopsis of why the company's a good one to buy(although the situation has improved since the most current update of that synopsis).


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