Sunday, February 12, 2006

daily tasks

I've done the numbers.

T-shirts are no concern, I have plenty of underwear, and if I mismatch my socks on the last day of work this week then I can put off doing laundry until my next stretch of days off.

Work for ten days straight and your life can revolve around trivialities too.

Friday, February 10, 2006

thinking too much... (being busy)

It is never good when you become so busy that you don't even have the time to poop.

I don't mean, necessarily, that you literally don't have five minutes to poop, but more just simply that you're so busy, and so determinedly in the groove of hurrying to the next thing that you can't really poop. And here I mean poop in the most archetypical sense. A good poop may only take an average of five or ten minutes, but there is a state of mind that approaches the whole thing as though you have hours or days. When you can really poop with a good mindset you discard much much much more than human waste. It's like your letting go of all agenda and of all scheduling, and the only thing that remains is to sit on that potty and experience the freedom and glory of a good poop.

When you let yourself get so busy that you can't even let go of thinking about the next thing while you're on the toilet, it's not that you become constipated, that's something different, but you compromise for the status quo, for getting out only tangents of the great mass you have accumulating inside you, and you miss out on the cleansing, goosebump experience of true glory.

I mean all this metaphorically.

I have not the time to make languages enough
for releasing all my meanings and my visions from some great unformed mass inside me.

But I have also found that if there is no time for the pursuit of serious linguistic glory, then just saying the word poop is a pretty good alternative.