Saturday, March 01, 2008

Investing in solar power

I plan to beef up my porfolio from one stock to two stocks.

I've recently been getting kicks out of finding low balance transfer rates from credit cards and then maxing out the credit card in a balance transfer to my bank account, if the card will allow it. Then I use the money to invest in stocks. It's probably a crazy thing to be doing. I don't really recommend it.

Anyway, I just found another credit card that will give me a bunch of money for a low rate and I'm planning to put it into Suntech Power (STP). I don't know how I found out about it. The best thing about this stock is how much it has depreciated over the last three months. It has fallen about 55% since the beginning of January. The great thing is that it has fallen for some pretty shallow reasons. Mostly the company didn't increase it's earnings over last year as much as analysts had hoped they would. Never mind that their earnings were still up some crazy 60% or something. Also, the company recently announced that they're going to scale back production of the solar panels that the company makes, so 2008 isn't going to look as good as analysts had been hoping it would. But the bottom line is that the stock has fallen way too low. Particularly since the long term potential of this company is incredible.

They're roughly the number three supplier of the world's solar panels. By the end of 2008 they may reach number one status. Demand for solar panels is outstripping solar panel companies' abilities to produce fast enough. Suntech has solar panel orders that will be keeping them busy into 2009. Unfortunately, silicon (the stuff they make solar panels with) is high priced right now, because of the demand. but it should come back down by the end of 2008 and then in 2009 suntech has contracts with silicon providers that will kick in and make silicon available to them at much lower prices. oh yeah, and suntech is planning to complete their field testing of a new product that will make solar panels 10% cheaper to produce. they are going to kill.

last quarter one of the biggest problems this company had was lost value because the american dollar kept depreciating on them compared to the chinese yen, or whatever the chinese use for money... it's probably not the yen, is it?

Anyway, read this article. and remember that I said to buy this stock when it was selling for $37.

Investing to the Max

Maxwell Technology (MXWL) makes ultracapacitors. Those are sort of like batteries, but more complicated and more cutting edge and Maxwell is hoping that ultracapacitors will compliment hybrid car technology nicely some day soon. It looks like that day will be in 2009.

The stock was an exceptional value about two weeks ago when I first intended to write this prediction. It has climbed about 35% since then. It's still a good long term buy. When they start to break into the hybrid market it will be great. Until then, until late 2008, there's no certain promise of any riches.

It's the only stock I own right now though. So, I'm a believer. Check out one of their conference calls for a good sense of what they do and where they're headed. Or read this article(you'll have to scroll down to find the part on MXWL) for a quicker synopsis of why the company's a good one to buy(although the situation has improved since the most current update of that synopsis).