Wednesday, January 25, 2006

domestic violence

Every two months I get a new training officer who becomes my partner and trains me how to not get killed.

Today I was standing guard over a few suspects of an ADW (assault with a deadly weapon) when my most previous training officer showed up to the scene.

Backstory. (but not quite as far back as when this old training officer was still my training officer)

Two weeks ago I was standing on a perimeter around the house of a shooting suspect. A girl came out and when I saw her she seemed vaguely familiar. She turned out to be the girlfriend of the shooter. Of course she swore to us that her man aint nowhere in there. It wasn't until that night that it finally occurred to me while I was writing up the report for the arrest of the boyfriend who we found in the house where she said he wasn't.


Anyway my old training officer and I laughed some about it when I told him the shooter story. Not because the girl had lied to the cops, but because she had gone back to the man who had hit her. She had gone back. I kind of thought maybe she wouldn't. He had told me that she would.

She did. And had lied to the police for him no less.

I told him it was a good leason for me to learn. He smiled and nodded. I told him how hilarious I thought it was. He laughed.

I'm not sure it was good leason. And its only funny the more I don't really think about it.


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