Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I was recently informed that I might get deported to Iraq, not because I'm Iraqi, but because they need people to fight in a war over there, and since I've been stealing the U.S. Army Reserves' money for five years, spending every penny on a private college education, and only sometimes attending monthly drill.

Apparently there's a whole bunch of sand in the Middle East. I write a lot of poetry and in the past sand has often found its way in to much of what I've written. Somtimes its desert sand, but mostly when I write about sand I like to have a big ocean nearby so that when the sand gets too hot on my feet or too monocolor with its limited shades of brown and tan and beige I can remind my readers of cold salt water and cold shades of blue or green, and also of trash in the surf. But I only mention the trash when the poem's really more about the depravity of western civ than about the ocean or sand.

But I don't think the middle east has water, much less a pacific ocean. I doubt there's even a Colorado river to divert out there. Apparently there's oil though. I suppose I could use images of oil to convey the depravity of western civ. Although the market for that theme has already been pretty well cornered by the democrats. so I might have to think of something else.

I recently saw the movie "Jarhead." Man, that was some serious oil.

Sand, even at the beach, has always been good for two things: making castles and digging. But you have to have water to make castles with. And you have to have waves to wash the castles away. It's always better to get washed away than to dry out and crumble of your own accord. So, castle building will probably be mostly out in the Middle East.

That leaves digging. At the ocean when you dig in the sand you find the ocean. In Iraq, when you dig in the sand you find the deep earth tensions of oil waiting to explode.

It's a little odd how the world tends to congregate around its tensions, so eager to dig.


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