Monday, December 12, 2005

social science

Don't believe the lie that you can't take your own popcorn, produce, etc into the theatre. Shoot. We really, as Americans, need to get a little more looney. In general I'd say the blogging community does fine on that front, and maybe I should just speak for myself, but goodness gracious, I just have to wonder how many rules I go about obeying when, there's no reason for it.

I walked in to the theatre tonight (AMC no less) with a freakin silver bowl full of homemade popcorn, buttered with Tillamook sweet cream butter, lightly salted with some kosher salt. the ticket guy even looked like a management hopeful (slicked back hair, tie with a plaidish shirt, a little first growth for a mustache) but he didn't say a word. I was even prepared to go crazy with deception and deceit and lies-- I would have broken down and started crying to get that popcorn in the theatre... I have a health condition or a phoebia or some such nonsense.

People couldn't believe our style when we walked in. "Can you do that?" I'm not joking. I heard them say it.

In similar fashion, I've often wondered about the legitimacy of not driving the wrong way on a one way street. I doubt anyone has ever gotten ticketed or been in an accident on account of driving the wrong way. if anything people pull over to the side of the road for you to point and make fun of the fool who made such a silly mistake. but what if it's not a mistake, man!?! what if you drove the wrong way on all one way roads all the time and on purpose. you'd have the stinkin cops pulling to the side of the road to laugh while you avoid who knows what sort of congestion.

but this is all conjecture. I'll need to take this to the labortory of life, my friend, that's right, the labortory of life, and then get back to you.


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um, i removed the last post.

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riddled with typo's so i

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