Saturday, February 03, 2007

t.v. on the radio

Most likely you won't like this band. They're a little bit difficult to digest. If you like radiohead you might like it. If you once were on a road trip in some town, in a black honda, and there was snow on the ground I think, and you were playing a song over and over a hundred times with two other guys in the car about hollywood glitz or about shining out as yourself or something, sung by some guy with a really high girly voice and two of the guys in the front seats were singing along at the top of their lungs and rocking-out while the guy sitting in the back hated that nasal voice shitty music... then you might also like it. I am fuzzy about many details of that memory, but I remember very clearly that I was the guy in the back.

The first track is probably the best. The music is electronica rock, you might say, with crazy out of whack beats and periods of static thrown in. At first you think the CD is skipping or like your radio's losing reception. Then you realize that actually you're listening to complex synthetic music that's either quite good or else quite bad, and you're pretty sure it's quite bad.

However, after listening over and over, the whole album is growing on me considerably, titled, "Return to cookie mountain".

The first track shines most distinctly as a coherent effort toward meaning something. "I was a lover," it begins, "before this war." Their lyrics are composed of scattered phrases or tangents of meaning. Sometimes this ends up creating great atmosphere with sudden moments of lucid expression like a shaft of light through the clouds. Same thing with the music: at times it breaks out into clear melodies that rush out into the perfect cold sense of rain. Overall, the sense is of a post-modern decay of stict constructs for measurable success or meaning:

"Running on empty, Bourbon and God, and it's been a while since we knew the way."


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